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sheriIf you’re looking for anonymous sex online, you are in luck. Thanks to the Internet, it’s gotten so much easier to find this kind of sex. While you can still have sex with people you know, anonymous sex is definitely a different thing altogether. There’s a certain thrill about it. There’s also a sense of adventure about it. There are all sorts of people from all walks of life who are drawn to anonymous sex.

We’re not just talking about gay sex. A lot of people think that the main consumers of anonymous sex websites and anonymous hookup bath houses and public places are gay men. This is a misconception and a myth.

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wildI know the title of this blog post might have taken you aback. After all, most guys don’t really go out there and intentionally try to fuck ugly chicks. Most guys are out looking to fuck goddesses. Well, I’m sorry to bring you back to reality. The truth is you are not a Greek god and most likely you won’t attract women that look like Greek goddesses. That’s just a plain fact.

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